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Huxham For Hinkler (QLD)

30 Sep 2015

Join Pauline Hanson, and One Nation's Hinkler Candidate Damian Huxham, for an informative night where you will hear both Pauline and Damian speak about important issues and how they plan on helping the Hinkler and greater Queensland Communities. Read More

Turncoat Turnbull

14 Sep 2015

Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop showed their hand today by asking our Prime Minister Tony Abbott, to step aside or call a party room ballot.
Malcolm Turnbull has struggled to get party room support in the past. Why, because they don’t like him and see him as a man far more suited to be on Labor’s benches than the Liberal Party. Read More

It's not just Bronwyn Bishop

03 Aug 2015

The Bronwyn Bishop saga over her spending $5,227.00 on a helicopter flight from Melbourne to Geelong to attend a Liberal Party fundraising function, brought about a warranted public outcry, and opened a can of worms for further investigation of her travel expenses. In doing so, this also produced evidence that she used parliamentary travel entitlements to attend weddings that she was not entitled to claim. She did apologise eventually; the opposition called for her head to roll and she has now stood down as Speaker of the Parliament.  Read More


Aus Government Has Hands On Norfolk Island

01 Aug 2015

Last weekend I watched the Sunday Night programme about Norfolk Island. Norfolk Island is situated approximately 1600 km off the coast of NSW between New Zealand and Australia. The beauty of the island is in its tranquility, people, scenery and autonomy. I know because I holidayed there in December 2014. Read More

Increasing the GST - Australians Can't Afford It

20 Jul 2015

Joey Hockey, the federal treasurer, is advocating for the states to raise the GST. He is passing the buck to blame the states, if it is increased.  Read More

Hanson Kicks Off her 'Fed Up' Tour Tomorrow

16 Jul 2015

This morning, Queensland Senate Candidate, Pauline Hanson, announced her ‘Fed Up’ campaign tour as she touched down at Caloundra Airport, in her new Australian made Jabiru plane. Read More

Hanson Takes Her Maiden Flight In Her New Plane

15 Jul 2015

Pauline Hanson is once again leader and National Chairman of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation since her resignation from the party in 2002. Read More

Stopping The Boats

16 Jun 2015

There is a lot of speculation as to whether the Australian Government paid the people smuggling crew $5,000 each to turn a boat back to Indonesia, carrying 65 asylum seekers. Read More

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