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Australian Manufacturing

02 Jul 2013

One Nation opposes Globalism and will withdraw from international treaties that harm our manufacturing industry. Our policy is import replacement; we would restructure, tax, banking, finance and training and reduce energy costs and get rid of the carbon tax, to allow our industry to compete on a true level playing field. Read More

Protecting Our Economy, Social Cohesion & Cultural Heritage

02 Jul 2013

One Nation believes in balanced, zero net immigration (subject to review depending on economic conditions) and that coming to Australia is a privilege that must not be undervalued. We reserve the right of discretion in protecting our economy, social cohesion and cultural heritage. Read More

Employment Policy

02 Jul 2013

One Nation believes that re-industrialisation is the best way of creating lasting full time employment with positions for skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers. This combined with training Australians rather than importing skills. Tax and economic reform, rescinding of harmful treaties and industrial relations policy based on fairness and equality for all Australian employees and employers will enable our manufacturing, business and rural industries to compete on a truly level playing field.  Read More

Ford Job Losses

28 Jun 2013

Ford has announced that another 440 jobs will be cut by November this year. Australia has seen successive governments both Labor and Liberal slash tariffs (tariff is a tax or duty to be paid on a particular class of import or export) in support of free trade and globalisation, apparently for the good of the country, One Nation disagree. Read More

The Asianisation of Australia

28 Jun 2013

Columnist, Michael Duffy, writing in TWA, on 10-11/1/98, said: "In 1993, Bob Hawke admitted that there has been an implicit pact between the major parties (involving the ACTU) to implement broad policies on immigration that they know are not generally endorsed by the electorate".  Read More

Why We Must Vote NO in the Local Government Referendum

25 Jun 2013

At this coming federal election you will be asked to vote on a referendum. Read More

Preferences - Why Hanson was Not Elected

25 Jun 2013

In 1998, The Howard Liberal Government changed the voting system just prior to the election to stop Pauline Hanson's One Nation, and it worked. Read More

Jobs for Australians Now and in the Future

24 Jun 2013

We need to support and promote our own home-grown tradesmen and women.  One Nation believe in an apprenticeship scheme that pays businesses 75% of the first year’s wage, 50% of the second and 25% of the third, to employ an apprentice - this would create employment. This will help struggling businesses, get our youth jobs and stop the import of skilled migrants taking jobs that belong to Australians.  Read More

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